From conception to completion, we demonstrate a meticulous commitment to detail and keep our client wholly involved in the process.

The stages in our process are broken down as following:



Following our initial consultation and project brief from the client, we conduct a comprehensive site analysis to determine its potential for sustainable design considerations. We then begin drafting up a scope of the works and sketching out plans in collaboration with our architects.

In addition to our design and construct process, we also offer a building service that allows clients to come to us with plans, designs and approvals already pre-prepared. For example, if the client has already had their design completed by another architect, we will then take on the construction stage using their pre-approved plans.



Once our architects (or an external architect) has defined a comprehensive compilation of our client’s needs, we work closely with them to determine possible construction methods and design alternatives that will maximise potential cost-saving for our clients without cutting any corners. We proactively consult our clients to prevent the possibility of ‘hidden surprises’ in the budget, and ensure they have the knowledge necessary to confidently make decisions during the planning process. Once the design and drawings have been finalised, we submit a detailed quotation that includes:


  • Proposed Description of Works
  • Exclusions & Notes
  • Schedule of Provisional Sums
  • Schedules & Programs
  • HIA Contract & Home Warranty Insurance
  • Pricing


Building & Construction

During the construction process, all contractors and suppliers are carefully managed by our site supervisor and company director, Mohamed, to ensure the program runs efficiently and within budget. We maintain thorough and comprehensive communication with clients throughout the process, and will not hesitate to meet with clients and architects to discuss amendments and gain final approval on proceedings. We are proud of our team’s communication system, which allows to implement quality control procedures that ensure everything is completed to the Allure standard.